Fuck Underhost.com

We could not properly sum up the whole situation better than by referencing the company itself, underhost.com or UnderHost Inc. of Montreal Canada, and the word fuck together, to create the almost perfect blend disgust and shame, fuck-underhost.com, to help express our disappointment in their existence as a hosting company and their willingness to be complicit in fraud, distortion, deception and extortion on a worldwide scale. It’s catchy do you think?

Post Content “Still To Do” List:

(We are going to just trickle this shit out slowly.)

  1. Gather evidence about how underhost.com harbors scammers and invites criminals & fraudulent gangs to run freely on thier off shore servers
  2. Post it to this site for everyone on the to see.
  3. Demonstrate how underhost.com hosts shameful content even questionable people like us are disgusted by.
  4. Shame & Shame again, till scam sites are gone from underhost.com’s servers and/or underhost.com is gone from the internet, whichever comes first.

And if this is underhost.com reading this:

This site comes down when you take down the particular site we asked to be taken down and hand over the owners details. Fill-out the abuse/compliance form when you’re finished, we will delete this website and not renew it. Otherwise this site is up indefinitely, and out quest for justice continues. Thanks for stopping by fuck-underhost.com, have a nice day.

The Whole Story

This website all starts off with…..

…more to come on this story, We are going to put all the pieces together first then lay it all out, stay tuned.